Knife Sharpening Request Procedure

Here's How:

Step 1: Completely fill out and submit the request form below and wait for approval which should come promptly.

Step 2: After receiving approval, click the link below to download the sharpening request form which will be included with your knife/knives when sending them for sharpening.


Click Here To Download


Step 3: Package your knife/knives securely and safely (instructions below)

Step 4: Include a money order in the amount of the return shipping cost or receipt for pre-paid return shipping fee.

Step 4: Mail your knife/knives to 178 Walworth Street, Brooklyn NY 11205

Frequently Asked Questions

Knife sharpening is free! There is a small return shipping charge of $5 plus $1 for each additional knife.

It is very important to protect both your knife and the people that will be handling the package containing your knife. For this reason, it is important to properly prepare your knives for shipping.

-Please make sure to clean your knives thoroughly before returning them for sharpening.

-Do not use tape directly on the blades and handles.

-Cover the entire blade with cardboard. Cardboard from cereal boxes works well.

-Do not use padded envelopes. Envelopes can bend doing shipping causes breakage of your knife or peircing of the packaging.

-Place your knives in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure during shipping.

Sorry, we only service Regalia Knives at this time.

At this time, our free sharpening program is only valid inside the USA. However, please email us at for specific questions.

After we receive your knife, you should receive it back within a week or two.