Emperor Series

The Emperor Series

Regalia is proud to present the Emperor Series. Each Regalia Emperor Series Knife is the culmination of a 60-day process of meticulous metallurgical mastery.

Featuring a cutting core forged from the finest AUS10V Japanese steel with an unbelievable 62+ on the Rockwell hardness scale for ultimate edge retention- that’s hard core steel! 

Encompassing it’s core are 66 layers of high-carbon stainless Damascus steel cladding to shield against corrosion, stains, and rust while giving the blade its magnificent rolling wave Damascus pattern, which is unique to every knife.
Vacuum heat treatment removes low temperature by-products , resulting in higher metal purity and an elimination of defects,  while precision cryogenic hardening with liquid nitrogen quenching,  improves the metal’s crystalline structure adding hardness, flexibility, and resilience. All this, to bring you an incredibly solid, durable, and longer lasting blade.
Every Regalia Emperor Series blade is hand-finished to a brutally sharp 8-12 degree edge in the traditional 3-stage Honbazuke sharpening method. It’s been well established that a sharper blade is actually safer and this mirror-polished finish results in a surgical scalpel-like sharpness to allow clean and easy cuts every time.
The blade may be the “business end” of a knife,  but the handle is your home. The Regalia Emperor Series is a dream home, engineered with luxury and comfort in mind. A smooth angled and tapered bolster encourages the ideal pinch-grip hand positioning. The stunning hand-polished G-10 Garolite handle is non-porous, waterproof, cold and heat resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-germ.
Endowed with its signature angled end cap, the knife attains absolute zeroed balance at the knife’s natural pinch point. Robustly triple riveted to stand the test of time, adorning the handle is a mosaic center pin which crowns the Emperor Series with regal splendor.